Where does Gold and Silver Coins Come From?

Gold as a mineral can be found in just about any piece of land and content in the world. We consider gold to be rare, but we have mineral mining going on because gold has value.

Gold as a mineral is a native metal. Precious metal for sure. Gold is hard to ignore when found in the ground. The gold color makes for an attraction. The mineral cannot be tarnished and when refined has numerous uses.

Gold can be found in many electrical components and jewelry.

But most people are much more aware of gold as an investment. Gold coins and bars have been sought after since the beginning of mankind. Once used as a trade or form of money. Gold today is mostly stored in vaults as an investment for retirement.

Another investment mineral used for coins and bars is Silver. Silver is found in lead, zinc, gold, and copper ore deposits.

Not as precious as gold, this mineral can be used for jewelry and gets minted for coins and bars.

In 2022, many investors are speculating on silver as having a higher upside value potential. Investors can pick up almost 3 times the amount of silver as a gold based on current spot prices.

Either way, most investors are purchasing gold or silver as an investment. They typically don’t think of these precious metals as a mineral.